Friday, February 4, 2011

10 knitting projects in January completed

I had a goal last month to knit and completely finish 10 knitting projects. I got them all done just in the nick of time. 10 might seem like a small amount of projects to want to complete but when you have three small children that are willing to help you every step of the way it's a lot to me. Here are my ten projects, i am proud to display because they are completely finished and have either been mailed or are on their way.

My ten projects were:
1) a crocheted brownie for my uncle
2) lucky 7 cable hat
3) slouch tuva eyelet hat
4) preemie eyelet hat
5) mock rib cable and eyelet preemie hat
6) preemie juliet hat
7) basic knitted preemie beanie
8) my sister Jade's house hippo
9) a shark wash cloth
10) pair of knitted slippers for my mom for her bday

OTN: (on the needles) and goal updates

I figured i was long over due for a blog post. It's February already i cannot believe it. This month we are celebrating my Mom's bday and Noah our baby is turning 1 next week on the 10th. My boyfriend's grandma's bday is today as well. This is going to be a mixed post about what i am currently working on knitting wise and my new years goals. 

Right now on my needles i have a blanket for Noah. The blanket is going to be a late happy first bday present. I am making in it shades of blue to fit his bed which is twin size. I am following a pattern and knitting a bunch of fish and sewing them all together into one big blanket. I am hoping to get the blanket done this month but we will see how everything goes. Here is a photo of what the first of the fish look like for his blanket:

One of my bigger goals for the new year is to donate 100 baby hats of any size to charity/a good cause. I have put a small start on my goal by donating 6/100. I am donating 6 more this month and that will make it to 12. Once the warm weather comes, i am looking forward to lots more knitting while the babies play outdoors. Here are my 6 newly donated hats, the lady i sent them to was kind enough to take this great photo of them for my use and her scrap book.

It's been a good year so far and its only Feb. I am hoping the rest of 2011 is great and everyone gets to accomplish something they have wanted to. I want to end my post with warm hugs for a close friend who went through a lot of crap yesterday and needs lots of love and positive thoughts, love you girl.