Friday, July 16, 2010

I love You Baby Blankets

It seems like everyone is having babies this year. I have been very busy with making baby blankets. Thankfully online there is alot of quick knit baby blankets that knit up in a matter of 5 days or so. It's also nice that we are a smoke free home. As i know alot of families don't smoke now and when you do receive a gift from someone who does smoke, well it turns you off a little. There is detergent thankfully to take the smoke smell out and we have had to purchase quite a bit of it.

So far i have knit a white blanket and a pink baby blanket. Both from the same knitting pattern and i will be knitting a yellow one as well for another friend due in January. I love this pattern as they were fast to knit and i could knit them while watching tv and at night when i had nothing else to do.  I found the pattern on a fellow knitting blog and knew i had to try it. I bought a 1000 gram ball of afghan wool at walmart and the blanket barely touched the ball of wool. The one friend receiving the pink blanket is expecting a girl at the end of august.

These blankets are called the "I Love You" baby blanket. The sign in the middle is the American sign language for I love you. I think it goes really nicely with the hearts in each of the corners. This is by far my favorite baby blanket pattern and i am sure i will be making many more.

The white blanket is a size newborn size and the pink one was knit on bigger needles with thicker wool. The pink one turned out just a little bit smaller then toddler size. I personally don't get much use when people give you small blankets as a baby gift because you can never use them very long. Tagging along with these blankets will be other surprises but i cannot say what exactly. It would ruin the surprise !!!!