Monday, May 24, 2010

Izzy's Birthday Doll

Yes it is finally finished and i could not be happier. Izzy's bday doll was finished and sent off to her yesterday. The dolls name is Prince? Mom and i can't figure it out either. But thats what her name is and she went around the block for a walk in the doll stroller today. I am so glad it have it done and one less project off of my list for now.  Just my luck that when Prince was fully sewn and put together. Someone had run off with her clothes. Boy was i not impressed. I was already done right to the wire on getting her done in time. The kids decided to bless me with being up all night every night while Ed was off for the long weekend.

It made my weekend even better when i couldn't find the memory card for the camera. I can only take 12 photos on my camera with the memory card. So that doesn't leave me with alot of photos. Izzy raked in very well for her bday. She was very sad when every one either left or went to bed. She wanted to stay up and party all night for her party. Izzy had very yummy cupcakes with a matching cake. Art (step dad) made her a garden in the front yard as well for her bday. They are just her flowers in the garden. While we are still unsure as to how long they will last without getting picked.

OTN (on the needles)

So as every one knows, i usually have alot of knitting projects on the go. It keeps me from getting bored, and usually gets more then one thing started at a time. Here is a list of what a currently have on the go:

1. Shrek leg warmers for Lily
2. Heather's baby blanket (a friend of ours who is having a baby)
3. A bunch of knitted barbie clothes which funds are being donated to the save Ivan fund
4. A sea turtle going to the Save Ivan fund
5. A Mr.Beans bear knitting kit that i bought and the bear is missing an arm and a leg but almost finished

As i think of it, i am sure more will come to mind that i will have forgot to list. I also have several bday presents that i am hoping to finish ahead of time. Hopefully i can get caught up somewhere as i go along. I never have to worry about not having anything to knit. There is definitely always something. I have been asked to make other items as custom baby items from people as well. I had someone tell me that $30 was too expensive for a knitted baby set. Going on that a knitted baby set comes with a hat and matching sweater + booties.

Seems like some people expect to get something for nothing nowadays. Maybe if it was them doing a craft and trying to sell it, they would think differently. Almost like people who see that you have kids and ask how you have the time. I will admit it is a challenge but we don't just stop living because we have kids. Parents do enjoy doing things for themselves as well. Granted this long weekend was a very long one.

I don't mind knitting while Ed (my boyfriend) plays the play station 3. As long as the kids are all sleeping and i am the only one not being interrupted. Today i also successfully came up with a pattern from the top of my head for Lily's shrek leg warmers. It took a few guesses on how many stitches etc i needed. But in the end nothing that a little bit of measuring couldn't figure out for me. I cannot wait to get rubbermaid containers to sort all my wool out into, it will be so nice. Maybe next month, lets hope

Nice Weather

It's great that we have had some hot weather. All we had been getting was rain. The sun is out and the weeds are growing much faster then the grass. The weeds have been growing so high, that you have to cut the grass every two days to keep them trimmed. Makes Lily happy as it gives her unlimited flowers to pluck. Right to her little hearts content. They all get brought in, as many as she can carry in one load. Then they are transported to whatever cup she has chosen as her vase.  We just got her and Marcus a new kiddie pool and that keeps them quite busy.

Today they spent a good 6 hours out there. Most of the day was spent either on the potty for Lily or out in the pool. Lily is just starting to potty train and she did very well today. She went all day without a diaper right up until 7 pm when bed time is supposed to be. Bed time never actually really happens on time. Most nights by time they are done fighting its more like 10 pm, by that point.  But i love having a back yard, it keeps them out of my hair. It's the cheapest things that are always the most entertaining. I love my hot weather but boy was it hot today. I don't even think the a/c did very much for anyone in the living room.

Princess and The Frog Love (Part 2)

So i had recently written a post, about Princess and The Frog Love. Well since that post we wandered by the disney store and found Prince Naveen in fine frog form. My step Dad bought him for our son Marcus. Prince Naveen has been thoroughly loved and drooled on. He gets dragged out every time the movie is on, which is at least 4 times a day. They however did not have Princess Tiana in a smaller form. So i will have to keep my eye out for her.

It appears as though Prince Naveen, is settling in nicely. He is dragged everywhere through the house. Marcus's birthday is next month and will more then likely be getting his own copy of Princess and The Frog on dvd. Asap as i have time, i will be knitting my own version of the frog prince. To add to the ever growing toy collection around here.  There is alot of parts to Princess and The Frog that i like. Thankfully it happens to be a very cute and adorable movie.

My Moment

One single photograph from the past week, no words to describe it, just a simple, special moment...a moment to savor and remember. If your inspired to do the same leave a link to your "moment" in the comment section below.

My son Noah almost 4 months old

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Knitting Orders :)

So as we brainstorm fund raising to bring Ivan home, the knitting orders come rolling in. I have several for barbie clothes, baby booties and lots for knitted toys. What i like best about knitted toys is that they knit up very quickly. Example i am working on a sea turtle and i am almost done him except for the shell and sewing  together. In total so far he has taken me 45 minutes to knit him. I am asking $1 per outfit for barbie and $10 for the larger knit toys. I feel every little bit helps and hopefully it will bring in half of what they need. Everyone always wants knitted hand made items for fairly cheap. I am hoping to test that theory with this good cause.

My brother will be baking for our bake/craft sale. I will be rapidly knitting to lay out toys to sell there as well. I am hoping to hear about from a lady about flyers. If i do then we can distribute them from each neighborhood here in Barrie. It's not impossible, we just need to come across the right people to help us out. So far we have contacted as many people i can think of in the surrounding area. The next steps will be the local newspapers, to see how a penny drive etc could bring in. The one time we had one at church, while i was still attending a few years ago they brought in 1500 in pennies.

As soon as i get my birthday doll for Izzy's out of the way, it's clear ahead for knitting. Barbie clothes take maybe 20 minutes to knit and you can knit alot. I certainly have enough wool around here to do lots of outfits. It will also make way more anymore wool, i would like to get. It's a beautiful day here, very sunny and warm. Tonight after supper we will be going to the park with the babies. It's days like these i hate Ed's work shift. Because i would like to take them else where.

Happy Knitting,
P.S. please remember if you haven't donated towards Ivan's funds yet please do so. Every bit helps....

Saving Ivan

Ivan is a little boy who is currently in the process of being adopted from Reece's Rainbow. Children with disabilities are often institutionalized after they hit the age of 4. They will never be allowed out and they spend the rest of their life in there. There is a family trying to adopt Ivan and bring him home before he gets sent to the institution. They need just shy of $24,000 to adopt him and every bit helps. If you could even donate $10 it would be greatly appreciated.

Ways of contacting the couple are through their blog:

Their facebook group:

Here is where you can contact the lady directly who is trying to adopt him:

You can read about Ivan and more children like him with disabilities at high risk:

You can also donate right on that site to help save Ivan. Please help even if it means only donating $10. You can also help by buying a knitted item and all proceeds go to helping Ivan.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Princess And The Frog + Shrek Love

So my three year old daughter, loves Shrek. Ok well maybe love isn't quite the word i am looking for. Addicted, obsessed ? Might be a better word for it. So the point where we watch Shrek every day all day. I make her take a break so that our son Marcus who will be two in June, can watch is favorite movie. His favorite movie is Princess and the Frog. I know it's adorable to see him sitting there with his one hand attached to his hair and the other on his bottle. 

Lily is thrilled to know the new Shrek movie comes out this month. We already got her two of the Shrek glasses from McDonald's. She now even calls my step dad (their Papa), Shrek. My mother, Ed (my boyfriend) and I, completely agree that's who he reminds us of.  I am very excited to be trying out a doll knitting pattern i have, to try and make it a Shrek doll for her. I am also planning on making Lily, her very own Shrek hat. So when i actually do get some free knitting time during the day, it is spent keeping an eye on the children and watching Shrek. 

It has come to the point where we can quote every line from each of the three movies. The relief will be huge when the new one is out. Then there's a whole new chapter to Shrek, we haven't seen a thousand times yet. Marcus who never sits still even to save his own life, only sits still for Princess and the Frog. With his birthday coming up soon, i am hoping to buy him the stuffies from the disney store here. He is a very cuddly child and loves to sit on the couch with us and watch the movie wrapped in own of his many blankets. For being almost two, he is definitely a smart little boy.

Anyways off to knit and watch the finale of Vampire Diaries as all my children are sleeping. There is no sound of Shrek playing until breakfast comes around. Night all

Monday, May 3, 2010

The First Lot of Donated Items

So my mom happened to come across a family style covenant home in India. I have sent over three knitted toys with a student traveling over there this summer. In the box where also donations from my mom as well as odd items we picked up from around here. There are 82 children in this home and i am hoping to donate enough toys for each child to have at least one each. That will make me 18 short of my goal of donating 100 toys to children in need. It may take awhile to get to the 100 but i know it will be worth it. These children will never be adopted out they will all live in this home forever.

As soon as My boyfriend starts back at work, i plan on sponsoring one of the children there. I also plan to go over and volunteer when i can figure out how to do it around our babies. Below are the photos posted of the toys that went over. There was a crab, whale and a turtle all hand knit. Here is the link to the blog  we are donating to as well.

Sarah's Covenant Homes button

Here are the photos of the first three toys donated to this home.

This one was the crab sent over for a little boy named Mark, who also had surgery.

This one was the whale sent over to a little boy named Brent who had surgery for some serious problems.

This was a turtle from the set sent over. These are from a sea creature collection from Amy Gaines. This turtle was sent to a little girl in India, her name is Rebekah.  I get most of my toy patterns from Amy Gaines  and they are fast and easy to knit. You can find her on etsy. Below is a photo with some of the other stuff i sent over as well. Little items to fill the rest of mom's box. There were two brand new pairs of girls socks 0-6 months size. A bar of home made soap in the shape of a cat and my three knitted toys.

This was a knitted hat and bootie set also sent over at the same time. They have two small babies over there. Many more knitted sets to be sent yet.
Please be sure to check back as the blog is updated for more toys leaving all the time. :)