Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Resolutions/Goals for 2011

A lot of us set new years resolutions and we never keep them or try our best and only keep it going for a short amount of time. This year i am setting goals for myself instead. I want this year to be even better then last year and this is and can only be managed by me. Not those around me or those who are not me. This 2011 i promise to set my goals so they are not out of my reach and i can accomplish them to the best of my ability. my goals for 2011 are:

- lose 47 lbs
- be more positive and try and find one thing positive in every day
- make more time for myself that does not involve Ed or the babies
- not take for granted the small things in life as last year i saw shown how easy they can be taken away
- do what is best for myself and now when to stop before i get hurt
- get as much of my schooling done as i can
- get my 40 hours of volunteering done and signed off
- donate some knitted items to charity 

My updates for this year for my blog. Noah our youngest is turning one next month and our daughter will be going to school in September. Marcus is going to be three and has started talking a lot already and Ed and i are planning our own future together. A few months ago my mom has recently found out she is sick and we are hoping for the best and praying for the best possible news.