Monday, May 24, 2010

Izzy's Birthday Doll

Yes it is finally finished and i could not be happier. Izzy's bday doll was finished and sent off to her yesterday. The dolls name is Prince? Mom and i can't figure it out either. But thats what her name is and she went around the block for a walk in the doll stroller today. I am so glad it have it done and one less project off of my list for now.  Just my luck that when Prince was fully sewn and put together. Someone had run off with her clothes. Boy was i not impressed. I was already done right to the wire on getting her done in time. The kids decided to bless me with being up all night every night while Ed was off for the long weekend.

It made my weekend even better when i couldn't find the memory card for the camera. I can only take 12 photos on my camera with the memory card. So that doesn't leave me with alot of photos. Izzy raked in very well for her bday. She was very sad when every one either left or went to bed. She wanted to stay up and party all night for her party. Izzy had very yummy cupcakes with a matching cake. Art (step dad) made her a garden in the front yard as well for her bday. They are just her flowers in the garden. While we are still unsure as to how long they will last without getting picked.